Wednesday, July 02, 2008


This evening I sat down to play some baseball on my beloved XBOX after destroying the San Diego Padres, I heard something like a loud clap. I got up to shut off the XBOX, and I noticed that she shut herself off. Then I saw the smoke billowing out. I don't know what happened, the TV was still working, they were plugged into the same surge protector, and there wasn't any fire.

In the past years I've spent many an hour with the XBOX, I've had multiple versions of Madden, although I did leave the madden franchise for one season to play ESPN football. I won many super bowls and drafted and molded many young players into star players. I had a couple of NBA Live seasons, MLB 2K7, halo 1 and 2, Two Grand theft autos, some war games and random other games.

I know XBOX was looking forward to moving to Israel with us, the challenge of playing on a different continent, but she will be buried here in Detroit, and live on in my memory.

Here's an old favorite post from a few years back

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jonah vs. XBOX

Yesrday as we moved into a differnt house in White Oak, Natalie noticed that I held teh XBOX with more care then Jonah. I informed her (jokingly ) of ocurse, that we'll probaly have more children, but if teh XBOX broke, I doubted shes go get me another one. She then threatened to toss the game system ouyt teh window. But it got me thinking, about Jonah vs the XBOX.
while Jonah wakes me up in the middle of the night to play games
the XBOX keeps me up late at night playing games
Jonah is much cuter then the XBOX and will find me a nice old age home one day
XBOX will keep me comapny in the home.
Jonah is the product of the love between me and my wife
XBOX is the product of the close friendship between me and a bunch of friends from college
In the end Jonah will win out, and the XBOX will get replaced by ayounger prettier model, but for now, I can handle this twisted triangle

of course it hasn't all been a smooth ride

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Trouble with the XBOX

My XBOX is very important to me, not as important as my wife and child, but its in the top 5. This week she's especially important because without Nat and Jonah, things tend to get lonely, and XBOX gives me hours of enjoyment. Lately I have been playing NBA Live '05, it’s my third season, and I still haven’t won a championship. Last night I was playing a good game, I came back from down 10 points to force OT, and with about a minute left, and my team up a few points, the thing froze up, and relayed a message that there is an error or a scratch on the CD. This isn't the first time it's happened, so I wiped of the game, and went to sleep. This evening, I was playing again, and dominating this game, I was up 20 or so in the 4th quarter and the same thing. It's really frustrating because it doesn’t save the game, so basically everything that I did, both in terms of stats and my life was wasted. I have three options; I can buy another NBA Live '05 or just keep playing and hope it doesn’t happen. My last option is the one I'm going with tonight, I'm switching to ESPN 2K5 football. I tried playing the other day, but I just wasn't into it yet. Maybe once training camps really get started it’ll feel more right, but for now I'm desperate, so I'm gonna give it a shot.


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