Saturday, May 10, 2008

Before reading you should know that Sammy woke up Shabbat morning fever free, and was acting better, and almost normal most of the day

Nat took Sammy to the doc on Friday morning, after a few days of high fever, they wanted to see if he had step. He didn't so they took his blood so they can rule out a bacterial infection. They couldn't. His white blood count was very elevated so the doctor called Beaumont and told them she was coming.

Nat got to the hospital a little before noon, hopeful that they were going to do a few tests and send her home..HAHAHAHAHA...

She called me around 1:00 and said she was hungry and bored, could I come. So i dropped Jonah off with the neighbors, grabbed a pizza and got to her by 2. In the first 2 hours she was there, she told a nurse, resident and doctor all the same story of what was going on.

Why she had to tell each of the the story is beyond me. Then they left her alone for a while, and finally right before I got there they took his urine and blood. When I got there the doctor said they will come and get Sam for a chest X-RAY. we waited for a long time, finally the doctor passed our area and I asked about the X-RAY, he told me he should have the results soon. I was amazed, since they never actually took an X-RAY, but the commercials do say that Beaumont doctors are great. Just to be safe I told the doc that he hadn't had a chest X-RAY yet, he was surprised and said he would have it done. Shortly after that they came and brought him back.

Then we sat around for a long time with not much to do. There was a baby crying really loud, it was difficult to hear my little T.V., now I know how people feel on airplanes when kids are crying. (Sammy was angelic most of the time)

We were told that all the tests came back negative, they have no idea why he is sick. Then they called our pediatricians office, not sure why, and talked with a Dr there who didn't see Sammy this morning and probably has no idea who we are. She wanted to talk to Natalie, and then she asked Nat if we wanted Sammy to have an oral anti-biotic or a shot. Natalie wasn't sure why the doctor was asking her, since she doesn't really have any medical experience. She went for the shot, since it was longer lasting. We waited for an hour for the shot, we were told after it was given we could go home!!!

A medical student came in to check on us, and Nat asked where the shot was, he came and said the pharmacy was busy with a trauma patient so we have to wait. Nat asked if we could get the oral instead, but he said that also has to go through pharmacy. Finally they bring the shot, only it's not a shot, they hook it into his IV and it's a 1/2 hour drip. My aunt Aunt came to visit around this time with a huge bag of assorted of chocolate and she hung out with us for the the last hour or so. Finally the drip finished, he seemed better off after getting it.

It was after 7, candle lighting was at 8:20, so I went to pick up our food from various locations and then run to Rite aid to get more anti-biotic. Rite Aid never got the call from the doctors, we found out it was called into Meijers, so we called Meijers, they called it into Rite Aid (this was at like 815) but Rite Aid didn't have it in stock, and wouldn't be able to order it until Monday. So we decided that we would just get it from Meijers.

I saw our regular pedictraican in Shul on Shabbat and told her the story(she didn't see Sammy in the morning, someone else in the practice saw him), the hospital told us that we need to wait 24 hours for the blood culture to come through - we could only get the results from our doctor - and her office was closed on Sunday- So I asked the Dr. if she could call after Shabbat and find out what the story is. She did, what a nice Dr. After shabbat we spoke with her and she said the results all came back negative which was good.

The fact that he had no fever and all the results came back negative, the Dr. didn't recommend getting the antibiotic since we don't even know what he was fighting. We have an appointment with her first thing Monday morning where they draw more blood and count his white blood cells again, hopefully they will have gone down.


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