Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crazy day

Today is the 'deadline" for getting your application into Nefesh B'nefesh. We waited until the last poosible second and then some, we overnighted the application in today. and they will get it tomorrow by noon..WHOOEEEE. Sadly, when I got back from the Post Office I saw that the check was sitting on my desk still :( I called and told them I forgot it, and we'd put in the mail (regular delivery this time)

As I was leaving work, Nat called and told that AP (our Realtor) called and told her that someone was coming to look at the house. I got home and the mad scramble to clean the house, or least give the appearance of cleanliness, began.

The people came, they wandered around the house while my boys ate dinner. They were in our home for 5 minutes or so, said it was very nice and left. Whatever happens it was a nice run through, getting the house to look presentable, also a nice dose of reality into teh dream we are living.


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