Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vacuuming food

I taught Jonah how to play Vacuum with with Croutons the other day. Fro those of you who don't know how to play Vacuum, it's pretty simple, you put the croutons (little yellow dots for soup) on the table, place your mouth a little above the dots and suck in, and the dots come into your mouth.

I showed Nat this game when we were dating, and spending shabbat at my brothers house and no doubt this is why she thought I was so awesome and married me.

Back to nowadays, she didn't think that it was a good game to teach Jonah, and its not so safe, since the crouton can go down the wrong tube, so I told him to stop. This morning he was eating Trix for breakfast, and he calls out, Dad I'm gonna vacuum these.

I couldn't stop laughing as I was filled with pride that he remembered what I taught him, But then Nat and I had to tell him t stop, which was tough for me, because I was laughing. But I manned up and told him to stop because it was dangerous.


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