Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yesterday we went to check out a city called Ariel, we were a little skeptical about it going because of it's location, On the other side of the dreaded Green Line, but it was recommended to us, so we went.

It was nothing like I imagined, the whole time I was driving, I kept watching the road for a green line, but I didn't see it. We took the highway right to Ariel, seemed like driving anywhere else. Although on way to the main gate we did see a dude on a donkey, but to his credit he didn't open fire or throw rocks on our car.

Ariel was much different than either me or Nat expected, it was really nice, lots of people, a nearly accredited university that has around 20,000 students. Places to eat, parks for the kids, sports to play, located near big cities for jobs, just about everything you need. And most importantly, affordable housing.

There aren't as many Americans as I would like but there is a major push to bring more in, I just spoke with the guy who showed around (his job is to bring in North Americans) and he said there were be a couple of families spending this Shabbat there, so we are going to spend Shabbat there.

I have some reservations, the possibility that it may be given away, although the people I spoke with, who have no real knowledge- just opinions, said it's too big a city to be given away. But then again, Jerusalem may be given away, so who knows what will happen. Some members of my family said they didn't think they would visit such a dangerous part of the country, but hopefully, if we would move there, that would change. or it would be very sad.

Today I meet some people in Marketing and I'll see what the job market is like and that good stuff.


At 5:27 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

For all intents and purposes, Ariel is no position to be given away. One major indication that it won't be is the fact that the Security Fence's border is being built in a way that brings the city into Israel. Ariel has such a huge population that the idea that it would be given away is as unrealistic as the claim that Maaleh Adumim will be given away. It's a very safe city. I've only heard great things about it. Also, again, remember the Green Line is an arbitrary border that was part of the 1949 Armistice Agreement between Israel and Jordan. It has nothing to do with the 1967 border.


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