Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Cigarette

We were leaving the hotel on our way to Sheva Brochus on Wednesday night, as we were leaving we noticed a strong cigarette smell. Since that is the official smell of Israel it didn’t bother me to much. The problem was after we got in the car and started to drive, the smell didn’t go away.

After a few minutes of driving Jonah told us that there is smoke coming out of the door. Nat turned to look and sure enough, the car was smoking. I quickly pulled over, Nat opened the door, but did not see the cigarette, she did not want to put her hand somewhere and burn it. I got out of the car stuck my hand in the side pocket of the door, and there it was.
Our guess is that while that door was open, as Nat was putting Jonah in his seat someone must have tossed it in, and it landed in the pocket


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