Thursday, November 08, 2007


Today was kids day, we went a kibbutz called Tzuba, they have this great park for kids called KifTzuba. There were several different moon bounces, bumper cars, motorized bikes for kids, around a track, a maze, and a bunch of other cool stuff. We stayed there for about 6 hours and the kids all had a great time.

It’s been a tough trip for the kids, because there is no structure, and we’re always doing stuff, so this was great for them and us.

Then we met my sister in law and kids at the mall for dinner, I thought it was cool to eat food in the food court, we could all order from different places, and eat what we want. I had Chinese, Nat had Thai, Jonah had USA (burger king) and my nieces and nephews had pizza.

In the evening, we got two seminary girls to baby-sit, friends of my cousins, and all the families separated for the evening. Nat and I met my friend and his wife at a bar/ restaurant, and we hung out for a while.

The kids all stayed hung out and watched a movie. When we got back to the hotel Jonah was the only kid sleeping, which was extra nice for us.

I think the plan is to go to the old city tomorrow, and there may be a 5AM wake up and go to Merat hamachpela and kever rochel, bit I’m thinking of passing, and Nat may go, but nothing has been decided.


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