Monday, November 12, 2007

and so it begins

Today we started the pilot trip portion of our trip. Went up to see Pardes Chana and Tel Mond.
In Pardes Chana we met with a real estate agent and she drove us around the neighborhood, took us into a new house that hasn't been finished yet, a grocery store, and told us about teh community. She was very nice, but the neighborhood isn't at all what we are looking for.

Next we went to Tel Mond, from what we had read it was the place we wanted to live, between Netanya and Raanana, nice mix of people. We also heard that it was really expensive and we couldn't afford to live there, a common thing we hear about most of the places we look at. We got there on time fro lunch found a shawarma and falafel place, which tasted great, 2 points for them.

While we were in the restaurant Jonah had to use the bathroom, while I was helping him, my Kippa fell into the toilet, so I had to leave my kippa behind, lucky for me I had a Tigers hat in the car. Also while we were in the restaurant my cell phone died.

Back to the point, we walked into the house of the person we contacted and it was beautiful, huge 7 bedrooms, spacious, and I knew that what everyone had told us was true. The people we met with were very nice, they had recently moved from Woodmere, NY , in fact their lift came while we were there.

They also drove us around, showed us the schools and shuls and all that good stuff. But the feeling we had was it's a nice dream but barring a miracle we won't be living there. Then we headed back to Modiin.

Since I didn't have a cell phone, see above, I couldn't call my brother or sister in law for return directions, and we may not have taken teh best route back, and then got a little lost when we arrived in Modiin, but we made it back on time for dinner.


At 7:13 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Is it as expensive as I thought it was? Also, any plans for visiting up north?


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