Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sammy goes Bonk....and other sad stories

We went to Geula/Maeh Shaerim today to do some shopping, it was cold and rainy. At one point, Sammy was was miserable due to the cold. Nat went into a hat store, so I picked Sammy up to warm his freezing hands and feet. Nat came back out, I put him back in and we crossed the street. and started heading back to town to get a cab. As I went over a curb I realized that his blanket had fallen off and was under the stroller, when I looked down, Sammy wasn't in the stroller either. He was lying flat on his face on the street. He tried to escape, but he stumbled, and fell.

He wasn't happy about that at all, he smacked his head and nose into the ground. Luckily, there was no damage as far as we know. We had to keep him awake for two hours, which was tough because he kept falling asleep. He cried a lot,. and the nice in teh store next to where he fell helped us out, got ice, and assured Nat and I that he was OK.

We finally got in a cab, and went home. We got out of the cab and Nat said "You have teh camera , right?". I didn't, I took it off teh stroller so we we wouldn't lose it, and must have forgotten about it, because I was preoccupied with Sammy.

I ran down the street, like a crazy man, but it was too late, I don't know which cab company it was, I didn't get a receipt or a phone number So as of now, there will be no pictures posted from our trip. :(

Just to keep the mood low, as I walked to shul it started pouring, and when I came home, Nat said that she lost an earring somewhere.

I thought maybe this was G-d punishing us for skipping Thanksgiving, but so far no one has agreed with me. I think it's just time for us to come home.


At 5:23 PM, Blogger docyaak said...

come home , evil things happen there

At 7:41 AM, Anonymous mrs. ap said...

that's the best idea i've heard yet....COME HOME!!!!!!!!!!! (and stay home)

At 7:42 AM, Anonymous mrs. ap said...

ps - i'm so sorry about sammy (and the camera and the earring). :( hope the little guy's feeling better.

At 5:50 PM, Blogger The Zwicker said...

Just be glad it happened in Israel. If Sammy's accident happened here in America, someone would have probably reported you to the police.


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