Tuesday, August 01, 2006

David Ortiz

I don't think there is a ball player out there as clutch as David Ortiz. I caught the final inning of the Red Sox -Indians game last night, The Indians were up 8-6. In the bottom of the ninth the sox had there 9-1-2 hitters scheduled. As soon as the Joey Cora, teh number 9 hitter reached base, which meant that baring a double play or a weird substitution by the Boston manager, Ortiz would come up to the plate. I thought this game is over, He'll win it, either with a home run or a hit. Even though there was two guys on base and Manny Ramirez on deck, I think I would have walked him to load the bases, he's that clutch. They didn't walk him and he did hit a home run.

In other news teh Tigers showed they can hot home runs in the 9th inning also. Sadly they were the least clutch homers ever. Back to back solo homers when the team was down 7-1. At least it made the final score a bit more respectable.