Monday, July 31, 2006


Ever since the wonderful Howell Balloon festival Jonah wanted to see more doggie races, so yesterday Nat and I took him to the race track, and let him watch the greyhounds run around.

Just kidding. We did take him to see the Rock-N-Roll K-9's who performed at the pet-a-palooza in Sterling Heights. The show was cut a bit short because of the weather, but Jonah seemed to enjoy watching the dogs run around.

The goal of pet-a-palooza was for people to come and adopt pets, the Humane Society was there as well as many other adoption centers and things like this. We looked at some dogs that were sort of what we would be looking for, if we were looking for a dog. I gave Nat the OK, that if she saw one she really wanted we could get it, with some exceptions. We saw a golden retriever, but it sheds to much, and I'm not a big fan of having dog hair, or people hair for that matter, allover the house. There was one dog that we liked, but it was to expensive.


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