Friday, July 21, 2006

TV Coverage

I'm watching teh news and they are showing Israeli troops at the border getting ready to enter into Lebanon. The anchor and analysts have all mentioned that they are surprised that they have been allowed to show this footage. If they are surprised that they are allowed to show it, because it will give Israeli tactics shouldn't they just pull the plug? Or does Israel want it shown to teh world to either instill fear in Lebanon or as a decoy as they are going to enter from another spot (that would be really smart, I should run a military unit)

Just sitting here watching, I felt the need to say tehillim for the soldiers, thanks to al tishali oti for listing the perekim of Tehillim to say

Good Shabbos to my family, and everyone else in Israel (and around the world also) may you have a quiet peaceful shabbos


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