Sunday, July 30, 2006

Don't apologize

I'm tired of reading Israel apologizing for what they are doing in Lebanon. Someone posted a comment on my last post that linked to a song about how Israel should stop killing children.

I'm not much of a songwriter, but lets see if you can comose something with this : If rockets shoot out of your building, leave the building/If the Israel Army says get out of the area beacause we will attack/Get out of the area. If you value the life of your wives and children/get out of town.

(I'm watching some panel on Fox News and they are talking about the possibility f a cease fire, and one guy said that if America pressured Israel to a cease -fire they would, and then Hizbullah said that they would also agree, no crap, this way they will be able to rearm without fear of getting caught, that guy is a moron)

I've been reading some interesting news on the "tragedy" in Qana, turns out the IAF bombed them at midnight, and the building collapsed at 8 the next morning...interesting - there may have been a secondary explosion - which means that Israel hit the correct buidling. I wouldn't put it past Hizbullah to sacrifice 50 kids for the cause. When a katushya rocket his nazertzh and killed some Arab kids, Narsallh apologized for "Martyring" the kids. So he kills all these kills, but tells their families that they are now Martyrs and Israel looks bad. The whole thing makes me sick.


At 2:53 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

You should be disgusted. You just wrote an article about maggots. Who are the real maggots, eh?


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