Friday, July 21, 2006

I don't remember if it was Condi Rice or John Bolton, US ambassador to the U.N., but they had a great answer to the question of "disproportionate force" by Israel - He/she ( I think it was Bolton) asked back, what would be "proportionate force" kidnapping two of their soldiers - that wouldn't solve anything. In general I have been very happy with the support from the U.S.

As fair and balanced as the news claims to be, and for teh most part they have done a good, I am pretty tired of hearing the plight of the Lebanese refugees and not a word about the fact that many Northern Israeli's including my brother and family have also been forced out of their homes with nothing but what they had on their backs. Where is the world sympathy for them? Just because they aren't using, or being used, as a human shield they don't make a good story.

I keep hearing that over half million Lebanese have left their homes but I have yet to hear anything about how many Israeli's are without homes tonight.


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