Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Wings

I'm exhausted. I was up till about 2:15 watching the Red Wings lose in double OT. They seemed to outplay the Oilers for most of the extra period and a half, but just couldn't bury the puck.

There is nothing, in my opinion, like OT hockey. No commercial breaks, non stop action and teh game could end at any second. I flipped to teh OT of the Spurs/Kings game, and it was boring in comparison.

A few of my thoughts:

Have the wings ever had an easy first round of the playoffs? It seems no matter how well they play in the regular season they always play like crap come postseason. Had they won last night, both their wins would have come in double (or perhaps triple OT) I just don't see the Pistons having that problem with the Bucks. They are a superior team, and they should put away the lowest seed in the playoffs.

The TV angle blows. This isn't just a problem on FSN, I had the same issues n CBC (Canadian TV). When the team has control of the puck in the offensive zone you the angle they usually show doesn't include the top corners. So when the puck goes to the point guy, you can't see him. No idea if he's shooting or getting checked. Every other sport the camera follows the puck, except in Hockey. It could b that my TV is small, or if I had a widescreen TV this problem wouldn't exists. But I don't have a widescreen TV, and I didn't feel like getting out of bed to see a bigger TV. I just wanted the camera guy to either zoom out an inch or pan his camera to show the guy with the puck

Perhaps one of the worst aspects of the Wings losing to Edmonton is that would give a certain Edmontonian that I know a chance to gloat :(


At 10:26 PM, Blogger Seth said...

OK, a couple of points.

1. Regarding me sucking (, I think you're just being mean.

2. Regarding that same post: I never said I was happy that the Spurs beat Detroit. I love Detroit. I used to cry when the Pistons missed the playoffs. I would have been really pissed if they had lost to a team like the LA Kobe or Miami. But they lost to the other top-2 team league, so you can't really complain, plus the Spurs players are well respected off the court as ambassadors of the game and good role models for children, unlike players on certain other teams the Pistons have faced and/or could have faced in last year's playoffs.

3. Regarding the Wings and the Oilers: Of course I don't want the Wings to decline after Yzerman retires. But I think they will. Chelios will retire soon. Shanahan will retire soon. Draper's not getting any younger. We could get a few more years out of Holmstrom. Lidstrom's old. Maltby's getting older. I could go on, but you get the point. They have a lot of great young talent, but the core of the team is still the old guys. So, as a man who's married to an Oilers fan, if I have to watch the Wings decline and rebuild, I would prefer that to be the time for the Oilers' success, so that we don't have to have conflict in the playoffs. If the Oilers suck and the Wings lose in the playoffs to some other team, Ali can sympathize with me. If the Wings win she can be happy for me. If the Wings decline and the Oilers lose deep in the playoffs, I can sympathize with her. If the Oilers do really well, even winning a cup, I can be happy for her if the Wings were never contenders. But it's tough when our teams face each other in the playoffs. It's hard enough during a regular season game. You're talking about the most hockey-obsessed city in Canada vs. the most hockey-obsessed city in the USA. It's intense. And we have to look each other in the face after the game and say "I love you." You're lucky Nat's not a diehard Blues fan, or you'd know what I am going through.

4. Ali and I discussed whether or not she can mock you if the Oilers win, and I asked her not to b/c I'll have to hear about it.

P.S. - Just so I don't have to make a separate comment on your newest post: what did I say on my blog about the Tigers and TV coverage? I'll give you a hint - it's in the same post I linked to above.

At 4:00 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Shu, you think it's bad that you had to stay up until 2 AM to watch the Wings lose. In Israel, the game was shown live also. Of course, it started at 5 in the morning here. So, I woke up for it. The crummy thing was that with 8 1/2 minutes left in the 3rd, and at 7:30 in the morning, it just looked like the Wings were doomed to lose 3-1, so I turned the TV and went to bed. I fell sleep having this weird feeling that the game was going to go to overtime because I went to sleep. Lo and behold!! At least, I got to watch the game replayed last night. It's actually a good thing I went to sleep. Had I stayed up, the game would have gone until after 9.

But, look on the bright side. As I watched the game, I noticed a lot of good things as the game went on that made me very confident for game 4. First, the Wings were able to successfully get through the trap more and more, especially in the 3rd period and over-time. I think if it keeps up, the Oilers might just abandon the trap. Zetterberg looked ferociously fast, and it seems he's really getting into a zone, and that's great. Datsyuk's looking like he's starting to come on. I think Roloson looked very human the second half of the game. I think Stevie, like he did in '97 when the Wings were done 2-1 to the Blues in the first round, has to very subtely but strongly say to the team that this is the best and perhaps last oppotunity for them to win. I think he has to play tonight and rally the team behind him if the Wings are going to have a chance. If he doesn't, I think this series is over, and I think it will be an extremely embarrassing and sad way for the Captain to leave the game. Absolutely terrible. I think the team really needs that fact to sink in. I still think Wings in 6. Seth, you're absolutely right. The Wings have never made first rounds easy on them. But, they have won 2 Stanley Cups after being behind in the first round. I just think they like to make things tougher on themselves.


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