Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening day

I have watched baseball all day long (Mets vs Nats, Tigers vs KC and now SF vs SD - All have been on for Yankees A's game on later), and here some observations :

It's a bit sad that the commercials for the Tigers are saying "Come see the new manager" They have to have at least one marketable player.

Sticking to the sad stuff - I listened to a lot of sports radio this morning and on both stations they were predicting the Tiger win totals, and they seemed to agree that if the Tigers won 81 games the season would be considered a success. Perhaps I've been spoiled lately by the Pistons and Wings but is it to much to ask for that a pro team wins more games then they lose.

The Tigers have the best record in baseball for the first time since they won on opening day last year.

Chris Shelton is on pace to hit over 200 home runs this year, If he stays on pace he'll probably be suspected of doing drugs.

I like Barry Bonds, I'm more or less flipping between teh wings, NCAA championship game, and The giants game, just to see Bonds at bat. Although I doubt I'll watch his reality show.

I enjoyed watching teh games today, I don't care about the steriod controversy, I won't let it interfere with my enjoyment of the game. I hope to get to Comerica Park and watch some quality baseball, and if not, then I'll settle for the Tigers


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