Wednesday, March 22, 2006

She's Back!!!

After a week of living t up in NY with Jonah, Nat has come back to the comforts of home.

I'll be honest, I was pretty bored when she was gone, there was nothing to do. I barely left the couch, let alone the house. There was a lot of Madden, a few movies (Loved 40 year old virgin, hated truth about charlie) and as I mentioned earlier waaaaay to much Spider Solitaire. There was no partying, getting drunk, or reliving of my single days. It was the laziest I've been in years, which felt great. I had no reason to get off the couch, I even worked while on the couch. I did no cooking no shopping just ate whatever was around. (Just on the side, I'm writing this while I watch the Pistons game, and I'm pretty sure that Bill Walton has crazy gay love for Dwyane Wade, he just said that wade has a perfect beautiful body, that Michelangelo dreamed about. He then talked about his chest and shoulders...they should get a room)

It's good to have her and Jonah back, they keep life interesting and exciting.


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