Monday, March 06, 2006


At the end of the "Tagged post" there was a question that asked when was the last I was upset. at the time the answer was I don't really get upset.

Ironically a few hours later I got upset at some random kid. I took Jonah to the mall so he can run around and play in the kids play section.

Jonah was playing by himself, sitting a slide, when some little kid walks up to him and growls and ROARS in his face. Jonah first looked shocked, and then started to cry. The little brat (not Jonah) then did it again. I got off the bench I was sitting at and made my way to Jonah, the stupid little kid turned around and started to walk away.

I caught him before he got away by grabbing on his sweatshirt, and I told him he wasn't nice, and I made him apologize. He mumbled an apology, and I said, don't say I'm sorry to me, say I'm sorry to Jonah you made him cry. So the kid mumbled "I'm Sorry" to Jonah.

I calmed Jonah down and off he went, until the a sibling of brat number one, came and growled in Jonahs face. Sadly, he got away before I could make him apologize.

The thing that pisses me off most is the guy who brought these kids, perhaps the dad, was just sitting there and didn't say anything. It's possible he didn't know english, but control your kid in whatever language you know.


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Veev said...

I'll bet his parents were off shopping.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger menachem said...

one time, when i was a kid, i was playing around with some other kids at the mall, and we were roaring in each other's faces. then some grumpy old man grabbed me by the sweatshirt and made me apologize.

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Just Shu said...

Veev - There was a guy sitting there who they went to a bt later, I assume he was the dad

Menachem - you kust have been a mean klittl ebrat. I'm glad when we roomed together, you didn't roar in my face.

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Mrs. AP said...

you should have gone to the zoo...the only thing growling at jonah would've been the polar bears...:)


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