Thursday, March 02, 2006


I received a phone call from the local cable company this evening, they wanted me to subscribe for digital cable, and in return they would lower the cost of my internet by 15 bucks. The cable would cost 30 dollars for the next 6 months. Basically for an extra 15 bucks we could have digital cable, and On Demand TV.

I should mention that unbeknownst to the cable company we have basic cable coming into our house for free. One day we plugged the cable wire into the TV and whaaala free cable.

That being said, I was ready to accept the phone offer, then she mentioned that this package doesn't include HBO, that would be an extra 8 dollars a month. This was still OK for me, I thought to go out to a movie for one person cost 8 bucks, with this I can see as many movies as I want and when I want to see them.

I was ready to say yes. I asked the girl on the phone a quick question about installation, and she put me on hold while she wen to ask someone else. While I was on hold I started to think. We are trying to keep the TV off when Jonah is around because for a while he was watching way to much TV. I was also cutting back on my TV watching, it struck me, why am I gonna put myself in a position where I'll never want to turn off the tube? (I lack self control, but that's a different post for a different time)

When the girl got back on the line with the answer to my question, I told her that I had time to think, and I didn't want to sign up with her at this time. She was disappointed and asked what changed in the few minutes she was away.

I decided to blame Jonah, I told her we our child watches to much TV as it is, so getting this package isn't a good idea. She tried valiantly to recoup the sale, started telling me about all the parental control options they have, so we can control what he watches. But it was to late, my mind had been made up.

The lesson here is if you get a sales call, and are ready to sign up with whatever they are offering, get rid of the salesperson for a minute and think. I realized that we were happy with our TV and the channels we watch, and while it's true that HBO cost 8 bucks, and a movie cost 8 bucks, I can barely remember the last time we went out to a movie.


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