Sunday, February 19, 2006

All Star game

There is still about 5 minutes left in the All Star game which only recently got good. The game started off lousy, everyone trying to make crazy plays, and the result was basketball the is reminiscent of Tuesday Night ball.

But the end of the third and start of the fourth quarter the 4 Piston All Stars turned on the D, even forcing the West All Stars into a 24 second violation. Then the Pistons scored all 11 points to open the 4th and the Pistons errr East All Stars took the lead. As soon as the Pistons sat the West started to make a come back.

My prediction, if the East win, Chauncey Billups should will win the MVP. He brought the East back from down 20 points and turned it into a 6 point lead beofre he was back on the bench. If the West win McGrday wins, but that's pretty obvious to anyone watching the game

Update - Chauncy didn't win the MVP, LeBron James (29 points) recieved that award.


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