Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sports odds and ends

Pat Tillman left the NFL a few years ago to fight in Iraq. He was killed while there, initially it was reported he died heroically in battle, but then the news leaked out that he was killed by friendly fire. Now they are investigating his murder. (Maybe he was code reded) My question is do they have a murder investigation by all friendly fire deaths in war time, or are they doing a special investigation because Tillman was a star football player?

I am watching Cuba play Panama in the World Baseball Classic -I put the over/under at 5 for how many Cuban players defect to the U.S.

One rule that I don't like in the WBC is a mandatory pitch count. No pitcher can throw more then 65 pitches in the first round. If your starter is throwing a great game, but his count gets to 65, the relief pitcher comes in and blows the game, and your country doesn't advance. I think just like MLB play, the manager should make the determination of when top sit the pitcher.

This country was founded with a unique policy of innocent until proven guilty, yet Barry Bonds is constantly under the gun for his alleged steroid use. A new book just came out claiming that the authors watched Bonds inject steroids into himself. My first question is if Bonds was shooting himself up, why would he do around a few reporters from the local paper? wouldn't he do it in the privacy of his home? Baseball should administer a drug test to Bonds, have him drop trousers in front of the tester so he can't use someone elses urine, no whizzinator or anything like that and end this debate for now.

I think the Pistons miss Darko more then most people realize. Darko usually got in the game if the Pistons had a huge lead. The starters would get the team a huge lead just for Darko, now that the Victory cigar is gone, so is the desire to put teams away early.


At 3:36 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Well, first of all, code reds theoretically exist only in the Marines. Tillman was an Army Ranger. Second, they do normally investigate all the friendly fire cases that warrant investigation, so I don't think this one is being done because of Pat's status. I do think it's being publicized because of his celebrity status. The question is why is it coming out now?

At 7:15 AM, Blogger Just Shu said...

The code red was a joke, picked up from the classic movie A few Good Men, where PFC William Santiago was given a code red, and died because of it, which lead to a murder investigation/trial, great great movie

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