Monday, May 23, 2005


After watching the first half of the Pistons Heat series, one has to wonder if Shaq was ever really, or if the big fat man just needed a month off. He seems awfully limber and active for a guy who was so injured yesterday that he couldn’t practice with his team. Why would the fat man need to fake his injury? here are some of my theories Built in excuse. After Shaq left the Lakers for the East he disrespected the Pistons saying the only competition he had was Indiana, and the Pistons only won because Kobe sabotaged everything. He can't lose to the Pistons again. Legendary - Willis Reed (waaay before my time) playing in the Finals injured. Jordan playing with flu, and looking as if he might die in Scottie Pippens arm. . What does Shaq have? So he made his injury seem worse then it was, now he seems like a miracle man. Just to hear Doug Collins and Marv Albert talking about how amazing he is playing, and that theory has a ringing truth. He needed a rest. Shaq is a large man, he lost 60 pounds in the off-season, but he looks like he has put some back on (not playing ball for a month will do that, trust me) and he just had to rest so he can go up against the champs. as Ron Artest can attest, you can't just ask for a month off, whether its cause need the break or you want to produce a rap album, so he made his charley horse seem like his leg might have to be amputated.


At 3:27 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Well, he'll have more time to rest, get fat, and make an album or movie when the Pistons get rid of the Heat in 6. Then, he'll have no-one to blame but himself.


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