Friday, May 20, 2005


On a glorious Friday morning in Detroit, I picked up my Diploma with a Bachelors of Arts. I didnt go to an ceremony, since it's on shabbos, Although even if it was on a Sunday, I odnt know that I would have gone. This was much less time consuming, and there were no speakers. I just went to teh office and picked it up. My question is what does this mean to me. I'm not talking about teh education, I mean the diploma, it cost me 100 bucks. I already have a job, the people I work for know that I graduated. Natalie wants to frame it and hang it in my office, which will be a nice reminder for me in the years to come, in case I forget that I have it.
I think it's a sign of closure, I no longer owe the University any money, my life as an undergrad is finally over, and someday I'll have to make the decsion of, so I want to get a Masters?


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