Thursday, May 19, 2005


The drive from Pittsburgh was going great until the middle of the dreaded Ohio Turnpike. I got pulled over by a cop who wasn't even facing my side of the road. He pulled me over and told me I was going 88 in a 65 zone, was there any reason I was in a hurry. I told him I had no idea that I was going that fast; it certainly didn’t seem that fast. I asked him if I could have a warning, he refused it saying not with an infant in the car. Implying that the baby’s life was far more important then Natalie or myself. I paid the ticket, if you are from Michigan and get stopped in Ohio they take your credit card and charge you at the side of the road.
I am a firm believer that the speed limit, on a high way is stupid. the way I see it there are three ways to make sure you aren’t speeding
1. Cruise control (which I don't have)
2. if you are speeding past the other cars (which I wasn't)
3. if you are constantly watching the speedometer (which isn't the safest way to drive)
What I do is every few minutes or so I check my speed, and if I am over the limit, I slow down. I guess I was stopped in between checks.
I was talking to my boss Brian, who had received a speeding the week before, and he said that he drove the speed limit the whole time (cruise control) to see if it is any safer then speeding. He told me that he didn’t feel safe at all, cars were flying past him, 18 wheelers were tailgating him so he would switch lanes.
I'm not denying that I was speeding, I was wrong and I paid the fine, I’m just saying it’s a dumb rule.


At 5:30 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

I bet you weren't speeding. Those damn Ohio cops are always looking for an excuse to pull a car over with MI plates. They pulled a friend of mine over for going less than 5 miles over the limit, even-though 5 miles is an accepted overage. They know you dont have a choice but to pay since you can't fight since you don't live there. They really got a grudge. I mean, what is their problem?


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