Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love the smell of vomit in the morning

Jonah came into my room at about 5:00 and wanted to sleep in my bed, since my bed is barely big enough for me, and I was to tired to fight with him, I went to his bed to sleep.

Shortly after I was awakened by a weird sound, it was like liquid was being splashed, in my sleepy haze I wondered if Sammy had a siuppy cup or a bottle, I look over at him, and saw him lying next to a pool of something..moments later the smell hit me, barf.

I woke up Nat told her of the situation, and then I rolled back over to sleep. or at least that's what I wanted to do. I really cleaned up the mess, while Nat calmed Sammy down and put him back to sleep.

This morning, Sammy has awoken again and is in great spirits, and not feeling sick at all


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