Thursday, September 11, 2008

We are here

After all the talking we finally did it, we moved to Israel, and so far it's been good. Some tidbits of teh good the bad and the ugly

Today Nat got see just how nice the people in Ariel are, I went to Jerusalem and took both sets of keys and the phone. Nat was on her to take Jonah to gan, and returned to find that I had the keys the phone and the money, and she was pretty stuck. But some new friends helped her survive the ordeal, hopefully one day we will laugh at it, for now I hope she still talks to me :)

I davened shachris at the kotel this morning and mincha in a shul at the supermarket. It was pretty neat, they announced it was time for mincha over the loudspeaker. I learn from this that the women here send the men to the store.

We finally got cell phones today, I'm not sure how people lived without them.

We moved into our apartment last night, it's 3 bedrooms 2 bathroom very nice, now we just need to furninsh it. Our lift won't get here for another few weeks, still hating on our shippping company, so our apartment is pretty bare. We need to buy some beds and closets and other essentials that aren't on our lift next week.

All in all it's been exhausting, the kids are finally on schedule Jonah started Gan a few days ago, although he refused to go today - but promised to go tomorrow. Sammy will hopefully start day care next week. I, hopefully, will find a job soon and life can go on as normal.


At 4:25 PM, Blogger AP said...

normal? yeah, right....keep up that wishful thinking! nothing is 'normal' in israel! (i mean that in the best way possible!) :)
- Mrs ap

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

AP is right. Don't kid yourself. Your life will never be "normal" again. But, that's a good thing!


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