Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Moving Day

Tomorrow the movers are coming and packing up our lift. We are still undecided about the couches, although it looks like the will be moving with us.

So far I am very unimpressed with our moving company, they have been the most frustrating aspect of this whole experience. They are terrible at getting back to us. We called them almost two weeks ago to discuss the issue of the lift getting to Israel before we do, and they still haven't given us an answer. Nat spoke with someone the other day and she said that they may be able to store it for 30 days for free, but she wasn't sure, there may be a cost involved she would get back to us.

Today, we talked to them and they said that to store it wouldn't be free, but they didn't know what it would cost, and if we did store it we would have to pay double the handling fee, since they would have to pack and repack everything, but again, they didn't know what that would cost.

I'm not sure when they will know, but it had better be tomorrow because I'm not going to tell them to take our stuff and let us know what we should pay them.

We also don't know what time the movers will be coming out since they have never called us. Hopefully their moving skills exceed their customer service.


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