Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Nat and I are busy cleaning the house and going through old stuff. Nat found a card that I gave to her either right before or right after we got married, where I said that we would move to Israel one day (I'm a prophet) and that it would be difficult but we'd manage.

As some of you know Nat and I were good friend long before we ever dated, we found letters and cards that had been sent in those days. It's funny to see some of the things that were said back in those days. There was a letter were Nat said our friendship must be weird for my then girlfriend, not that she (nat) was "a threat to her" I guess she called that one wrong (me a prophet nat not so much:))

Then Nat just went through some old E-mail forward questionnaire that I had filled out about her when asked about my first impression I plead the fifth . and under did I ever have a crush on her - I don't think so but you never know. The final question was what do I ( nat) love - I said Israel..and me


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