Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lift Troubles

Our lift is scheduled to come pick up our stuff on August 6th, which is perfect because our renters are coming in on the 12th.

We just found out today that our stuff will arrive in Israel in the first week of September, and we have 4 days to clear customs or we get charged a lot each day.

There are a few problems here.
1. We don't arrive in Israel till the second week of September
2. We planned on living in a temporary (free for the first month cheap for the second) apartment for the first two months. We had heard from others that it takes forever for the lifts to arrive.

I had some thoughts of rectifying the problem
1. We see if we can move our Aliyah date back to August 12th, then we get in before the lift, have the free months rent and look for an apartment.

2. See if we can rent an apartment starting when we get there. The problem here is that it would have been really nice to not pay a lot in rent for teh first two months, since I'm jobless:(

3. See if we can push back our shipping date, which will mean keeping all our stuff somewhere in our house, for the most part it won't be a problem, except for our couches. I don't know what our renters are doing about furniture, but if theyhave couches, their isn't much room for 2 sets of couches. Unless, we put it in the office.

I think that is the situation in a nutshell, hopefully it will be resolved soon. I'm pretty sure option 1. isn't going to happen.


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