Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Accomplishing day

I called the shipping company today that we were planning on using and they said the quote they sent us in late May early June is no longer valid, so they will send us a new, higher one. The guy on the phone said it wouldn't be much higher. Imagine my shock when I saw the price had jumped $1200 dollars!!!

I called the guy to find out what happened, and they blamed thd dollar and said since it's so low, import has been crazy busy and there arent as many lifts available.

I called a different company that sent us a quote around the same time, and their price hadn't chnged, so I booked them. We will be packing up, god willing, on August 6. (boy do I hope the renters don't fall through - that would blow big time, we should know hopefully tomorrow) Then we will move into my parents house untill we leave the good 'ol USA.

That means in theory we could have made the August flight we were originally scheduled on August 12, but there is no way we would have been ready. I just sent in out Visa application this morning.


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