Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bull Crap

The other night before the Detroit Pistons played the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento, the Kings played a video on the jumbo screen during the introduction of the Pistons. It showed video of burning cars, abandoned dilapidated buildings and not so flattering video of Detroit.

The Kings ownership apologized profusely saying they didn't know about it before hand. they took out ads in the Detroit papers to apologize and called the Pistons owner to apologize.

That's all good and nice but what about the guy who did create the video, what happens to him? I would think that the guy would be fired. He wont be according to Kings president John Thomas no one would be fired for the incident, including Leland Patton, the Kings' director of event presentation.
"We're not going to fire the individual," Thomas said. "He is distraught today, like we all are, but he's in bad shape. He feels horrible emotionally."

What the Hell does that mean, it wasn't like this was a snap decision, or an accident where he pushed the wrong button. This was a premeditated attack on Detroit. What does it mean he "feels horrible emotionally"

If that all it takes to get out of being fired, more people should screw up and instead of getting fired they should be "feel bad emotionally"

Brian, if I ever screw up just know I will probably feel bad emotionally about it

Ed Note ---
I just saw a video from a sacremento tv station regarding this topic, and they said that while teh Kings are very sorry about what happened no one will even be suspended...Thats even more crap and a bigger slap in teh face, I once punched a kid in teh face in school(he deserved it) and I got suspended, these people slapped an entire region, and they arent getting punished at all. I no longer accept their apolgy I think it's as sincere as T.O. apology to the Eagles.


At 5:20 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Well, we're talking about California here. They're into, "All you need is a hug, and all our problems will go away". This is why that state is going to hell in a hand basket. They have no concept of accountability.


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