Thursday, March 08, 2007

Not thrilled with Madden today

I'm a little annoyed with Madden since my last post, when I was coming off my first victory
Officially, my record in Madden is 6-16, but it should be much better

When you are playing someone and their computer disconnects, you have three options
1. Continue the game against the computer
2. Quit the game (Mercy) there is no win or loss for you or your opponent
3. Quit the game (Non-Mercy) all your stats and rankings count and your opponent gets a loss. You do not receive.

Which brings me to my record, I should be 7-1 in my past 8 games, somehow I am 3-3 with two no decisions. I'm not sure why it is, but when you continue against the computer, you get a loss. This happened to me twice. I kept playing, beat the computer, and for some reason, which I have yet to discover, was dealt a loss. Both those game I was up when my opponent cowardly pulled the plug. That's 2 win's that actually turned into losses.

Two of my wins turned into No Decisions because of the disconnect, I learned my lesson, and didn't finish the game.

I did lose one game 41-14, I don't want to blame to make excuses, but the game was tied at 14 going into the half, and then Jonah came home, and annoyed me the entire second half. Also the guy I played is ranked 25 (I'm still a 1) and won over 800 games. So odds are good that I would have lost that game anyways.

Two of my losses earlier in the season were also annoying, but my fault. I was playing, or going to play, against a FRIEND of mine, and before the coin toss, it froze and said my disk was damaged. So we restarted and tried again, got the same results. My friend gave me losses (non mercy quits) both times. So thats 2 losses without even starting the game.

I guess I can take solace in the fact that I know I'm better than the record (probably the best 6-16 team out there ) I just wish my record would show that I should be (in games I actually played) around 10-12 - I think thats right. Anyways thats my madden rant for the day.

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