Friday, July 08, 2005


They say "Communication is the key to a successful marriage"

On most days I come home from a long day of work, ready to just lie down and relax. Nat however has different plans; she has spent all day with the baby, and trying to get work done. So when I get home, I'm in charge of the kid, and Nat will run out to the store, or the gym, or buckle down and get some work done. Relaxing for me, I think not.

Yesterday when I got home from work the house was empty. I sat down on our couch (really it's a mattress, we don’t have a couch in White Oak house) played some XBOX and was able to just relax.

When Nat got home we went out for dinner, and she mentioned how she felt bad that she wasn't home when I got there. I let her know that it was OK, since I had time to sit back, and play games. Nat said "had I known that you don’t mind me not being home when you get home, I won't rush home, and maybe I'll schedule some of my shopping for later in the day.

I know that hanging out with the boy is stressful, and in a perfect world I would love to get home and just talk to my wife, but to come home, have Nat run out or work for a few hours, it's just tough. I also don’t want her to never be home when I get there, but every know and then, it isn’t the worst thing in the world

See what a little communication can do, had we not had this conversation, there would be more times when Nat is rushing home to be there when I get home for work, and I wouldn't have time to relax until everyone is asleep.


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