Monday, September 18, 2006

Fantasy Football (or lack thereof)

This is the first football season in a while that I didn't join a fantasy league. After two weeks, I have to say I'm pretty glad about that decision. I've never liked fantasy football, I just played due to peer pressure. My teams are never very good, oh they looked good on paper but they never performed. The guy I would sit would have a breakout game, and I always draft Mike Vick, he'll probably have a career year now that I don't have him.

I do notice that I haven't been paying attention to other games and players this season, and I don't think I mind that much. I still watch a few games on Sunday and Monday Night, but if the game isnt on TV, I don't know who scored or how many yards everyone threw for, and life goes on.

On the flip side, all I have is the Lions (I'm not getting on that rant now) no other players or teams to watch, and the Lions are pretty depressing to watch. fantasy football did give me a break from the regular disaster that is Lions football


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