Tuesday, February 19, 2008

After basketball fun

After a long hiatus I figure I'll start blogging again, for a while life was pretty dull and I had nothing to write about. Now life is still pretty dull but I figure I'll give it another shot.

I got home from a disappointing night of basketball full at 11:02 full of energy. I was about to get some crackers and hummus for a late snack, when Nat picked up a large sack of potatoes and said we have to figure out what to make. Inspiration struck at that very moment and I decided to make french fries. So I peeled some potatoes, than sliced them in our food slicer. I read in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader II, that fast food places coat their fries in sugar, which gives them their brown color. So i figured if it's good enough for McDonalds, it's good enough for me. I poured sugar on them stuck 'em on a frying pan and waited.

I'm not very patient, and I took the first batch off the fryer too soon, they were very sticky, and not at all brown. I tried to put them in the pan, but they stuck to the paper towel (which was used to try and get off the oil)

I learned my lesson, and was more patient with teh next batch, which came out tasting very good, if I do say so myself.


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