Thursday, March 05, 2009

My fight with Magic Jack

Here's the story. Our Magic Jack (its a phone jack that you plug into your USB port and it gives you a US phone number) broke last week. My Mom bought us a new one in the states and brought it to us. All their advertising, including the packaging, claims that when you purchase a Magic Jack it includes a year free.

Last night I was chatting with the customer service people (they don't have phones, just livechat) I wanted her to transfer my old number to the new jack. After she was done, just before I logged off, I asked her to confirm that our subscription is extended a year.

She told me that I don't get a free year, only new customers do. When I told her that their advertising doesn't say that, she told me that I was being to literal and I should read between the lines.
I copied the conversation , it's really good read. - When it says Natalie Zacks, it was really me, just logged in on Nat's name

Lizzie: HOLD

Natalie Zacks: ok

Natalie Zacks: will it add a year to my subscription because I paid for it

Lizzie: May I know if the new magicJack is the one you plugged in?

Natalie Zacks: yea

Natalie Zacks: the old one is broken

Lizzie: Are you sure?

Natalie Zacks: yes, I opened the box right before we started chatting

Natalie Zacks: and the old one is broken

Lizzie: Where did you buy it?

Natalie Zacks: radio shack

Lizzie: Please wait while I check that for you

Lizzie: This will take time, Natalie, I am double checking the steps we have done, to ensure that everything have gone smoothly...

Natalie Zacks: ok

Lizzie: Okay, the old magicJack already expired it's service.

Lizzie: Service Began: 02/19/2008

Lizzie: License Expires: 03/04/2009

Natalie Zacks: thats today

Lizzie: The number was successfully transferred to the new jack.

Natalie Zacks: thank you

Lizzie: Therefore your new jack needs to be extended it years of service by going to

Natalie Zacks: shouldn't a new year be added because I bough the jack

Natalie Zacks: it says my purchase comes with a year of service'

Lizzie: No, since the default year will be voided due to request for transfer of serial number.]

Lizzie: When you purchase it, it comes with a year.

Lizzie: But you asked that the old magicJack number be transferred to the new jack, the default year was eliminated.

Natalie Zacks: it says on the box that I paid 39.99 and I get a free year with that

Lizzie: Yes.

Lizzie: But you asked that the old magicJack number be transferred to the new jack, the default year was eliminated.

Natalie Zacks: it doesnt say anything aboiyt that being waved'

Natalie Zacks: then I should get 20 bucks back from teh cost of teh jack

Natalie Zacks: i don't see what one thing has to do with the other

Lizzie: One moment please...

Lizzie: It's like ordering a McDonalds cheese burger.

Lizzie: then you decided to upgrade it with an additional beef patty and cheese..

Lizzie: It becomes what? Double cheese burger.

Lizzie: I

Lizzie: It's like what we do.

Natalie Zacks: wwhy is keeping my number an upgrade?

Natalie Zacks: it doesnt mention that anywhere

Lizzie: What was mentioned there in there package is for new users...

Natalie Zacks: doesnt say intial users on the box

Lizzie: For customers who have no numbers yet.

Natalie Zacks: it says it says the purchase price inmcludes a free year

Natalie Zacks: its liek if mcdonalds advertises a burger for 99 cents

Natalie Zacks: and then I buy a burger for 99 cents

Natalie Zacks: and then go back and buy another burger

Natalie Zacks: it will still cost 99 cents

Lizzie: Purchase price includes free year, for new members, that is

Natalie Zacks: where does it say this

Natalie Zacks: because the box disagrees with you

Natalie Zacks: nowshere does it say new members

Lizzie: Nathalie, read between the lines.

Natalie Zacks: I'm reading the lines

Lizzie: You look at it literally.

Natalie Zacks: which say that I am entitled toa free year with purchase of a magic jjack

Lizzie: If you are a new member

Natalie Zacks: so yourre saying that magic jack has false advertising?

Lizzie: It's not false ad, Natalie

Natalie Zacks: should i not literally read thaat the service is good?

Natalie Zacks: it says the phone servive is good

Natalie Zacks: but maybe i should read between the lines

Lizzie: Purchase price includes free year, for new members,

Natalie Zacks: where does it say that

Natalie Zacks: I'm looking at the package right now

Lizzie: "........"

Natalie Zacks: teh words new members isnt there

Lizzie: It's not there because it is understood that the packaging is designed to attrack new customers.

Natalie Zacks: why is that understood?

Natalie Zacks: your company refuses to replace the parts

Natalie Zacks: so repeat customers have to buy new jacks as well

Lizzie: I would like to ask you Natalie where did you originally purchase the first magicJack?

Natalie Zacks: i didnt

Natalie Zacks: it was a gift

Lizzie: Who gave it to you?

Natalie Zacks: my mother

Lizzie: What's her name?

Natalie Zacks: this is all irrelavant

Natalie Zacks: the point is that Magic promises a free year with teh purchase of a new jack

Lizzie: So that I can pull out the original account info.

Natalie Zacks: y?

Natalie Zacks: what does that have to do with this false ads?

Natalie Zacks: ive seen the infomercials, he says you buy the jack and I'll give you a year free

Natalie Zacks: he also forgot to mention new customers

Lizzie: It's nothing to do with anything, Natalie..

Natalie Zacks: is teh unlimited calling also pretendshould I read between the lines that since I'm an exsisting customer I will charged 10 dollars per minute?

Natalie Zacks: the box also promises free voicemail

Natalie Zacks: is that just to attract new customers?

Natalie Zacks: what is between those lines?

Lizzie: It has free voicemail

Natalie Zacks: can I trust that

Natalie Zacks: its on the box, just like my free year

Natalie Zacks: and you told me not to take trhat literally

Natalie Zacks: did magic jack really get great reviews frin NBC and ABC and FOX news?

Natalie Zacks: or shoudl i read between teh lines, that they mentioned them ina broadcast, but didnt say if it was any good?

Natalie Zacks: now I have a hgard time tajking anything in your ads literally

Lizzie: To only one thing Natalie, that is "Purchase price includes free year-for new members" and the rest is good.

Natalie Zacks: how can I believe that

Natalie Zacks: if one line isnt true, why should I believe that the rest is?

Natalie Zacks: also, it doesnt say new members

Natalie Zacks: you keep adding that

Natalie Zacks: I find it a little ironic that my subscription happened to run out today

Natalie Zacks: is there somewhere I can see that in writing?>

Lizzie: That's internal information.

Natalie Zacks: can i see it?

Natalie Zacks: or should i read something in betwen the lines?

Natalie Zacks: it seems weird for my subscription to fro 2/19 to 3/4

Natalie Zacks: why would I have a subscription for a year and a few days?

Natalie Zacks: Well, I now have a hard time recommending magic jack to any of my friends, since I can't eblieve what your company says

Natalie Zacks: and my social network is always looking for VOIP services since I live outside teh US

Natalie Zacks: it's like I went to McDonalds and they said I could have a hamburger, but then they gave me a veggie burger

Natalie Zacks: u still there?



At 1:26 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

She disconnected you??? The cs rep disconnected from??? Wow!!

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your an idiot... Of course they arn't going to give you a free year of service because you purchased something to transfer your old number over to... Why would they? It's not their problem your magicjack broke. Send it in and get them to replace it, duh... It has a free lifetime warranty genius. Some people are too dumb for their own good.

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